Color Me Healthy is a series of songs and lessons used with Hardin County Head Start and preschool classes.   Children are learning about eating different colors of food - especially fruits and vegetables; where does our food come from; and that moving at different speeds makes our hearts beat faster.  

Discover MyPlate teaches kindergarten children about MyPlate and the five food groups, as well as being physically active.                                                                                                                   

Balance My Day is a curriculum for school age children focusing on eating from the five food groups and being physically active.                                                                                     

NOURISH Curriculum and Cooking Matters are available for teen and adult groups eligible for SNAP-benefits.


Additional Nutrition Websites

Center for Disease Control:

Children’s Activity:             

Cooking Matters:                

Cooking with Beans:          

Food Safety:                        

Fruits & Veggies:                

Live Healthy/Live Well:       


Nutrition Facts Labels:       

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Spend Smart/Eat Smart:     

Tips for Young Children:    

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