Think Green Challenge Check List   Spring Challenge Flyer

Give the green light. Green with envy. Green around the gills. To have a green thumb. The grass is always greener on the other side. These are some common phrases you might hear in relation to green. The color may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about or hear the word, but green can apply to many things. Join the Live Healthy Live Well 6-week “Think Green...It’s Not Just a Color” email wellness challenge to broaden your ‘green’ thinking.

Along with the weekly email messages and a call to action each week, we are hosting a 6-part webinar series related to the content from the challenge. We will provide a challenge checklist for anyone who likes lists. If a checklist sounds like too much pressure, track your progress in a way that works for you. You also have access to the OSU Live Healthy Live Well blog site and our OSU Family and Consumer Sciences Facebook Page all year long.

Register by clicking the link below. Answer a few questions and you are set. Online pre- and post-challenge surveys will be used to track your progress and comments. Expect a pre-challenge message the week of March 27th and the first challenge message the week of April 3rd.  

Yours in wellness,


Jami Dellifield

Extension Educator, Hardin Co. 

Family and Consumer Sciences