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Livestock Interview Judging - Saturday, August 10, 2024 - 10 a.m.  - 4 p.m. at the Community Building, Hardin County Fairgrounds 

Appointments are now open!


Dairy/Dairy Beef







If you are unable to attend Livestock judging on August 10, you can schedule an appointment for late judging the week of August 12. Those participating in late judging are not eligible for awards. You must attend a judging date to be eligible to show your animal at the 2024 Hardin County Fair.


Late    Judging


Interview Judging
All livestock members are required to complete Livestock Interview Judging to exhibit at the Hardin County Fair. Interviews must be completed for each species. Members are required to bring their completed project book and records and are highly encouraged to bring a poster about a specific topic they learned about this year.

Record Books
All members must complete a record book for each livestock project. Members may purchase an official Ohio 4-H record book (required for State Fair participation) OR download the Hardin County Livestock Record for free from Both forms of record books will be acceptable at Hardin County Interview judging. Record books must be complete to show at the Hardin County Fair.

Grades and Awards
Livestock grades will be given as pass/fail. Members must receive a passing score to participate in the Hardin County Jr. Fair. Outstanding Achievement in Livestock Award will be selected by the judges for each species based on interview skills, record book, and poster. The top 2-5% of youth will receive the award.