Registration forms, weigh-in information and deadlines are provided and determined by Hardin County Senior Fair Board.  They are posted here on this page to better serve the communities access to this information.  The OSU Extension, Hardin County office will try to answer all questions and concerns or you may also refer to the current year’s fair book, with the understanding that all final decisions are made by the Hardin County Senior Fair Board.

On this page you will find information concerning registration, weigh-in, and deadlines associated with poultry.

Please follow the links below to registration forms and other helpful information:

2022 Broiler/Market Chicken Order Form and Information

Poultry Resources

We would like you to know about some easily accessible articles about poultry now directly available on the Poultry Resources webpage (

Although the articles were available through the eXtension website, we’ve collected them here because the number of clicks and necessary exploration of the site made them difficult to find and print. (EXtension has been included on the handout Poultry Resources for Ohio 4-H from the start.) They’ve been converted into easy-to-read and nicely formatted PDFs that are now on our server.

Also posted is a collection of articles called Basic Information About Chickens (143 pages). Volunteers and members are welcome to download this document themselves and may choose to download and print it.