Area Leader; and Educator, 4-H Youth Development
STEM, workforce development, Computer Science, Technology
1021 W. Lima St. Suite 103

Mark Light  is an Ohio State Extension Associate Professor in 4-H Youth Development with a focus on empowering Hardin County youth to take leadership roles in our community around Science Technology Engineering and Math . He lives in Hardin County with his family and was a 4-H member of the Putnam County program.  He went to college at Ohio Northern University where he received Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. In 2002, he received his master’s in College Student Personnel.  He is currently finishing Phd in Agriculture and Extension Education.  For 10 years he worked at Ohio Northern University as the Campus Engineer and the Director of Housing. After career of working with college students, Mark realized he need a change, so he applied to be the 4-H educator in Allen county.  He was the 4-H educator there for about 4 years before moving to Hardin County where his kids were participating. He has been in Hardin County for 10 years.


With an engineering background, he has always been an advocate of STEM based programs. This has also led to many grants for both Hardin county and the state.  Over 10 years of writing STEM based grants, he has brought educational materials and equipment to youth across the state that would not have access to this type of technology. Drones, robotics, 3-D printers, iPads, circuits, and other technology has been provided to youth through his efforts. In 2016 he created a Innovative space within the Hardin County OSU Extension office called the Spark Lab.  This area included a maker space, video lab, and flexible classroom build for the future. Mark enjoys exploring new technology and helping others adapt processes to include technology. Seeing youth have a “spark” when they discover something new is a point of pride for him.