Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agronomic Crops
1021 W. Lima St. Suite 103

Mark Badertscher began his Extension career in June 2013 as the Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator in Hardin County.  Previously, Mark taught high school agriculture and was a FFA advisor for 25 years.  He grew up on a grain and livestock farm in Hancock County and holds two degrees from The Ohio State University, including a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a Master of Science in Agricultural Education.  His area of specialization is Agronomic Crops and he enjoys being out in the field doing on-farm research as he works to keep Hardin County one of the top producing agricultural counties in the state.


Outstanding customer service is a priority to Mark, as the most pressing issue is the question asked by the client who has walked through the door, called on the phone, or sent the message.  Establishing relationships is very important to him as works to understand the nature of problems and the best management practices to recommend whether he is working with an individual or teaching a class.  Besides working in the field or answering questions in the office, it is common to find him at local agribusinesses and commodity group meetings networking and figuring out the issues that face local producers.  Learning new things each day and helping individuals be successful are the two things that inspire him the most as he strives to assist local crop farmers, livestock producers, fruit and vegetable growers, and homeowners find answers to their questions.