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 While it is difficult to think about planning for the future when money is tight, learning basic money management skills will strengthen independence, give peace of mind, and improve future financial security.

Ohio State University Extension’s Manage Your Money program uses activities, goals, and worksheets to help participants plan for their financial future. OSU Extension is offering the 4-week series Manage Your Money virtually on February 1, 8, 15, and 22.

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Description automatically generatedThis six-lesson series is about learning to better manage money. These lessons equip participants with the basic tools and skills to become financially stable. The Manage Your Money series teaches participants to identify their money goals, to track spending and debt, to manage habits to achieve goals, to understand debt and credit, to develop a personal plan for spending, know financial net worth, and to learn to organize financial records.

Register at this link https://go.osu.edu/mym-programregistration or use the QR Code

Please direct any questions to Courtney Warman, Program Specialist, Finances, Email: warman.44@osu.edu, Office Phone: 614-247-9151.

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