May 13, 2019 - 9:36am -- wagner.1142

Attention all Jr Fair Horse Exhibitors:  If you intend to participate in the Ohio State Fair Horse & Pony Show, you will need to attend a PAS (Performance Against the Standard) show and receive a qualifiying score.  The youth determines in which State Fair classes they want to qualify.  They are limited to four classes.  The four classes may be any of the classes offered at State Fair.  A youth may only use one horse to try out in PAS shows and cannot replace a horse for any reason after they have shown in their first PAS class.  A youth must qualify in any two (2) classes in order to compete in the State Fair Junior Horse & Pony Show.  Please see the below attachments for further information.

2019 State Fair Qualification Scores

2019 Ohio State Fair Junior Horse Show Classes

2019 PAS Patterns

Hardin County PAS Entry Form

Out of County PAS Entry Form (for electronic registration)