May 1, 2024 - 11:55am --

2024 Chick Order Form

This year, the OSU Extension Office will again be coordinating a broiler chick purchase for 4-H and FFA members carrying the Broiler/Market Chicken Project. 

The minimum order is 10 chicks per one exhibitor. If ordering for multiple exhibitors, follow this chart:

Number of Exhibitors Number of Chicks
1 10-20
2-3 15-30
3-5 20-50
  • Chicks will be straight runs
  • They will be one day old upon delivery
  • Each order will come with appropriate health paperwork.
  • The final order day will be May 23 with chick delivery on July 17 or 18
    • Pick up will happen from 11-2 pm at the Hardin County Fair Grandstands
  • Cost is $2.65 per chick
  • Youth interested in ordering should send a check made out to OSU Extension for your total amount. Payment is to be included with your order and must be received by May 23 at:

OSU Extension 1021 W Lima St Suite 103 Kenton, OH 43326

In the above link, you'll find the PDF to the 2024 chick order form.